In-Person Services

Integrative Nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition sessions available at Baseline Integrative Wellness in Vancouver.

  • Programs vary according to goals and determination to change and grow.
  • All assessments include body composition analysis and blood-test analysis. 
  • Weekly check-in in person or over the phone.  
  • Accountability and guidance. 

$300 for Intake, Follow-up session, Body Composition Assessment, Blood Work Analysis and Integrative Nutrition Plan (2 appointments)

#202 - 718 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z1G8


Public Speaking 

Presented in your conference room, wellness centre or kitchen table.  4-8 per session ensures a more personalized talk.  Includes customized Handouts and Worksheets.

Topics can vary according to group interests.  Can include:


  • Eating for Energy
  • Macronutritents - what are healthy Carbohydrates?
  • What to know when going Keto
  • Everyday Detox
and more...

  • $125/ 1 hour
  • $240/ 2 hour

Previous engagements have included:

*The Orchard Recovery Centre
*City of Burnaby 
*Nectar Yoga B&B
*West Vancouver Boy's Soccer Club

Cooking Classes.

Have a kitchen and a few friends?  Or a community cooking space that is wanting to host a healthy informative evening?  

Want to learn healthier options for yourself, friends or family? 

Topics can include:

- Easy Meals and Snacks

- Mediterranean cooking for beginners

- Juice Feasts

- Gluten-free, dairy-free

- Bone Broth Basics

- Introduction to Fermentation

- Basics of the Keto Diet

Prices range from $55 - $75 per person for 1.5 hour class depending on menu ingredients.  Also includes a 10 minutes question and answer session at the end.  $10 - $30 transportation fee outside of Vancouver. 

And much more!