Vaz Wellness

Vaz Wellness

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Integrative Nutrition

Available in Vancouver or Bowen Island British Columbia, Canada

  • Programs vary according to goals and determination to change and grow. 
  • I can work with your wellness team of Practitioners or Naturopaths to help apply daily practical advice.

Free 15 minute talk in person or over the phone. 

Metabolic Nutrition sessions available at Equinox Integrative Wellness Centre in West Vancouver by appointment.

$300 for Intake, Follow-up session, Body Composition Assessment, Blood Work Analysis and Integrative Nutrition Plan (2 appointments)

5341 Headland Dr. 



Presented in your conference room, centre or kitchen table.  4-8 per session ensures a more personalized talk.  

Topics can vary according to group interests.  Can include; 

  • Eating for Energy
  • Macronutritents - what are healthy Carbohydrates?
  • Proteins and Fats
  • Everyday Detox
and more...

  • $125/ 1 hour
  • $200/ 2 hour

Includes customized Handouts and Worksheets.


Move yourself towards increased personalized vitality.

Yoga is an over 5000 year old tradition that spring from Ayurveda - the Sanskrit word for Life Science. 

Its emphasis on connectedness can be very refreshing and educational. 

Upcoming Workshops.


2 Workshops coming this season to the Well Studio on Bowen Island: 

Sunday February 24th:

Intro to Ayurveda: Ayurveda and the Modern World

Sunday March 17th:

Cleanse by Dosha: An Ayurvedic Approach to Spring Cleaning