The Juice on Juicing

Posted on January 29, 2018 at 11:30 AM

How to get the goodness of 20+ servings of vegetables and reboot your digestive system.

If you go to a juice bar, restaurant, retreat, or have your own juicer then you are able to get more live enzymes in your juices.  The more enzymes, the more your body can generate energy without having to call upon its own resources.  This can leave you with more energy, a clearer mind, better sleep and a more positive outlook. 

There is so much that can be said and done with juicing.

Two main distinctions would be fresh and pasteurized juices.  The reason I am making this distinction is for health.  Enzymes make reactions in our body happen quick enough to meet our demanding metabolism. This is what makes us the warmblooded, highly mobile, capable creatures that we are. We are not tied directly to the earth with roots, or to the sun with leaves.  We have or digestion and metabolism to thank for this.

Raw, fresh, or un-pasteurized juices have more enzymes still intact. The enzymes start to degrade as soon as the juice is made, so it's best to consume them right away to maximize the amount of enzymes we ingest.  You will still get many of the vitamins and minerals if you consume it later, just not so many active enzymes.

Food components need to be broken down ("burned") to create energy. This process requires enzymes.  The enzymes are known as catalysts; A catalyst is anything that would make a reaction happen quicker than if it was left on it's own.  We need reactions to happen fast in our bodies. If we had no enzymes in our digestive system, food would simply sit there and feed bacteria instead of feeding us.  Enzymes cut apart the ties that hold food components together to make them small enough to be integrated into our bodies.

Pasteurizing or heating these liquids above boiling changes the shape (denaturing) the protein.  Enzymes are specific and work on a lock and key mechanism.  Food components, such as carbohydrates or proteins, have a specific shape and so do their corresponding enzymes.  When you over-heat an enzyme, it no longer has that specific shape for that specific component (think melting a stick of butter shaped like a key). So even though you ingested the food, it does not mean that it was assimilated into the body.  


Another consideration with pre-bottled juices is that they may have additives.  Especially when you get into the large juice manufactures, those juices may have bottled weeks or even months ago.  Preservatives are added, as well as sweeteners like corn syrup and sugar cane, because they are cheap and many people like the taste of sweet.

If you go to a juice bar, restaurant, retreat, or have your own juicer, then you are able to get more live enzymes in your juices.  The more enzymes, the more your body can generate energy from your food without having to call upon its own resources.  This is important since those proteins, vitamins and minerals, that would normally be used to make enzymes, can then be used for other things, such as skin, bone, muscle, organ or DNA repair.


In juices, the plants vitamins and minerals are in their simplest and most absorbable form.  A juicer will do all the chewing for you.  This is great for anyone with dental issues or weakened digestion.  I would suggest putting more greens like celery and cucumber into your juices as they don't spike your blood sugar levels like fruits and starches will.  You can also juice herbs like parsley, cilantro, ginger which taste great and have mild medicinal properties, including blood cleansing and detoxification, and circulation enhancing.  

There are many combinations, but here is a recipe for a basic green juice:

4 stalks of celery

1 cucumber

1-2 sprigs of cilantro

1 cm cube of ginger

1/2 an apple

1/4 lemon peeled

Start with the herbs first; the liquids from the fruits and veggies will wash them through.

Drink right away or bottle in glass and store in the fridge.  The sooner you drink it the better as the enzymes are most active while the plants are alive and secondly right after extraction.  The minerals and fiber are still intact long after.


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