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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you unsure about which program fits your needs? Do you need help sticking to your health and nutrition plan? If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact Vaz Wellness.

This section answers the frequently asked questions. 

What is Metabolic Health Coaching, Holistic Nutrition Natasha's experience & qualifications ?

Holistic Nutrition is the study of one’s whole lifestyle and how habits such as eating, exercise, and daily routine can affect one’s health in a positive or negative manner. It is not a “one size fits all” quick fix. It examines overall health and perspective to define what healthy means on an individual level. Building and maintaining health is a gradual process with long-term results that can exceed expectations and improve quality of life in unlimited ways. 

A Metabolic Health Coach describes an ongoing working relationship where the "Coach" works to get to know the individual and they work together to build on strengths and move through limitations.  This is why progams are done on monthly basis instead of one off sessions.  Build rapport and trust can make deep change more possible, leading to a healthier lifestyle instead of just getting on a diet.  

Natasha Vaz, Founder of Vaz Wellness is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner focusing on Metabolic Coaching to address digestion, metabolism, blood sugar, IBS, oxalate toxicity, Colitis, SIBO, SIFO and other digestive issues. She is an advocate for food culture and whole well-being.  She is also a certified Yoga Instructor, personal trainer and Ayruvedic practitioner who expresses her joy of health and its benefits by also leading classes, group programs, lectures and retreats. 

She graduated form the institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2010.  She has been upgrading her skills by taking Doctor lead training courses in functional blood labs analysis, Ayurveda, and therapeutic low carb high fat and ketogenic diets.  She also completed a 300 hour yoga teacher training in 2018.


Her upbringing on the Mediterranean diet gave a unique insight into health. After changing career paths from finance to wellness Natasha has gone one to work with Medical Doctor's, Naturopathic Doctor's, Sports medicine practitioners and more.  She runs dedicated Keto and Intermittent fasting groups and is active in her community.  


What can I expect from working with Vaz Wellness?


Natasha Vaz will encourage you to find the answer to “What does healthy look like to me?” in a way that suits your life. Although no positive change comes without inconvenience, you will not be alone in this process.

You will get weekly measurable feedback guidance and someone to hold you accountable until you are able to hold yourself accountable. You will be given the tools for short-term change and long-term results. Natasha can also help you implement from your other healthcare practitioners and help you build your own wellness team.


What are some of the benefits of diet change?


The chance to feel like the best possible version of yourself. Just like we don’t have to tell our bodies to breathe, to fix a scratch, or to digest–your body has everything it needs to heal as long as we give it the right tools and reduce hindering habits.

Other benefits can include increased energy and drive, more mobility, better sleep, better body awareness, clearer thinking and sharper focus, reduced inflammation, and better digestion.


What are some of the struggles I may uncover?


We often take comfort in our habits and patterns. They have been like longtime friends–always there for us no matter how we show up for ourselves. Positive results require positive change and this can initially create some inconveniences. You will have to have a conversation with some of these patterns and habits to realize which ones are still helping you and which are hindering.

Although necessary, it may be uncomfortable. The good news is you can do it if your will to change and heal is stronger than your will to stay the same or digress.


How do I get the most out of this program?


By being gentle with yourself, patient and carving out time on a daily basis to make improvements. The more time you dedicate to change, the more you receive. Just like putting time into the gym or effort into writing an article–the more you put in, the more you get back.


How will I be supported through this process?


Since holistic nutrition is about the individual, Natasha will take the time to explain how this process works for you. Every week you will have one on one coaching session, a customized feedback form with weekly strategies to break things down into easy steps. You will also receive email support and direct chat response during standard business hours.

When your program begins, you will receive a personalized  guide that outlines your plan. It is complete with recipes, supplement recommendations, recipes, meal plans, links to resources and guides for further learning. You will be surprised with how good you can feel.


Natasha is an absolutely fantastic, well rounded, educational and experienced Holistic Nutritionist. I have worked alongside Natasha for many years and have witnessed her abundant knowledge that has helped to change many people’s lives. I highly recommend her one-on-one consultations, group lectures, juice cleanses and workshops. You won’t be disappointed.

– Andrea Clark, Owner of Nectar Yoga B&B Bowen Island

Natasha is not only very knowledgeable about Nutrition, she will encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices that are actually feasible. Her approach is holistic and sustainable, which is great. It is one thing to read about healthy nutrition and the latest trends but it is a whole other thing to have someone in your corner like Natasha who can lead you through this jungle of misleading and mixed diet messages that are out there. I am a fan of her fresh juices and really grateful that she shared so many us

– Christiane Prim-Silva, Bowen Island

Thank you, Natasha, for your solid knowledge and your immediate professional response to a medical emergency. I recall calling you and asking you how to reduce the impact of radiation on a breastfeeding mother who was about to go for an emergency CT scan at the hospital. You replied, ‘I know what to do!’

As you confidently told me what nutritional supplements to buy and administer, I can still recall the sensations of calm and relief wash through my body. Your knowledge and your grounded response gave me the support I needed to support someone in the hospital, just in time. Gratitude,

– Patti Bosomworth RCST® SEP®”

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