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Wellness Programs for a Healthier You

As a Holistic Nutritionist it can be hard exactly to describe what one is. This is an ongoing story with new chapters always being added. And just like different books are suited for different authors, the same can be said for practitioners and clients.

One thing is for certain to live we have to evolve. Everyday when you wake up your body has had a repair cycle. This in itself is an evolution as you no longer are the same person you were yesterday.

In my 15+ years in this industry I have noticed that the systems providing us with nourishment on both the mental/spiritual and physical level are devolving for the general public. Our food supply is getting polluted and the number of people a person is willing to call a close friend is shrinking. In general that is.  With focus, strategy and intention we can be our own epicentre for positive change.  

I have seen in every pocket of Vancouver that I have lived in that people are willing to connect around healthy food and healthy community spiritual/mental practices like yoga.
As part of this community I offer my experience in guiding people toward their version of best healthy practices which, on a greater scale fight the tough statistics everyday.

Reconnect through Food.

Vaz Wellness - Personalized Vitality