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Natural multi-vitamin !

This is a very absorbable

form nutrition support since

it is pre-converted for

mammals by mammals.

  • Ships from Ontario. 

  • No boarder delays !

  • Manufactured in a GMP certified facility to ensure consistency and purity.

  • Rigorous third-party testing and zoology reports. 

  • Made from free-roaming, healthy cows born and raised in New Zealand. Year-round access to grass ensures they are raised without genetically engineered feed, growth stimulants or hormones.

  • Bovine Liver provides the most absorbable form of B vitamins, biotin, choline, vitamin A (retinol), iron, copper, selenium, zinc and more.

  • Bovine Heart Bovine Heart provides a great source of B-Complex vitamins & Co-Q-10 that help contribute to a healthy heart and naturally improve energy levels.

  • Bovine Kidney provides omega-3 fatty acids, selenium & vital building blocks and bio-regulators.

  • Bovine Pancreas provides proteins, peptides, enzymes and cofactors that encourage nutrient absorption.

  • Bovine Spleen contains unique peptides that may help support a healthy immune system as well as supporting iron levels & blood health.



Fat is your friend !

Our Ancestors had it right.  Before the invention of

modern industrial made

seed oils,  this is what we


  • Grassfed and finished grain-free.  Raised without the use of hormones or steroids.  Grown with sustainable farming practices.


  • Top quality Halal certified beef fat comes from AAA or AA grade and as a result, the taste is consistently flavourful. The health benefits include a higher content of Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins like B and E, compared to grain-fed beef. 

  • Tallow has been used for centuries in everything from skincare to cooking, high in healthy saturated fats, omega 3’s, stearic acid, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than ‘regular’ tallow. It also provides other fat-soluble nutrients like: Vitamins A, D, E, K2, B12, and choline.

  • The BC farm employs farming techniques to pasture raise a small hearty breed of cattle. The cows have access to seasonal pasture.  In the winter they are fed hydroponically grown wheat grass. 


  • Tallow for Cooking: Tallow is an excellent nutrient and energy dense healthy fat ideal for everyday cooking and baking. It has a high smoke point so it is great for frying and it makes tasty french fries. The aromatic flavour of our tallow provides a great base and flavour for all types of protein and is the perfect pairing for vegetables!


Salt of the Earth !

Source of Potassium. Mineral-rich alternative to table salt is high in potassium and lower in sodium


  • Untouched by modern pollutants. A gem of the past, Blue Salt's colour mirrors the age when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. As it's ground finer, the blue presence becomes lighter, inviting you to savor its unique history and beauty in every delicate sprinkle.


  • Potassium-Rich: Boasting a potassium content of 20%, blue salt surpasses its alternatives, offering essential nutrients with unparalleled benefits of potassium, calcium, and magnesium.


  • Pure and unprocessed, maintaining its natural integrity and authenticity by avoiding any artificial additives to meet our standards.


  • Unearthed from ancient mineral deposits, miners carefully separate the coveted blue crystals from regular salt, akin to finding gold.


  • Nature’s Blue Hue: The captivating blue hue of blue salt, lab-certified, stems from potassium chloride naturally present in its crystals over millions of years, embodying nature's ancient craftsmanship and benefits.


  • The Healthier Choice:  It contains nearly half the sodium of Himalayan or Celtic salt, which are known for their health benefits.





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